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Monday, January 19, 2015

Lassana Bathily's Bestselling eBook: 'Je suis Lassana Bathily - Soy Lassana Bathily - I am Lassana Bathily'

Un nouveau 'Juste Parmi les Nations' or a new 'Righteous Among the Nations, the Righteous Gentile'?

Il n'est pas Oskar Schindler. Il est simplement un jeune Malien et Musulman pratiquant sa foie. Mais il sauvait ses clients Jwifs a Hyper Cacher. For his heroic, humanitarian act, his compassion, he has become famous all over the world. At his own risk, he saved his customers, 7 to 15 of them, including a baby.

Lassana Bathily's story is in this eBook, written with the assistance of Danielo Laferriere.

Book Review:

I am only Lassana Bathily! A simple Hyper Cacher Supermarket worker who happened to help and save others! Yes, a Muslim can engage in acts of kindness, compassion, and humanitarian acts. Jews, Muslims, Christians, Catholics or whatever else, we are on the same boat. We have to work together to face the crisis of our time. In this eBook, I want to thank everybody –from my colleagues who had opened their arms to welcome me, the people of France, both the Jewish and Muslim communities, all the people of faith, my parents in Mali, my religious teachers and school instructors to my supporters on Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the world- for all their kind messages for what is now known as my 'heroic act of kindness and compassion.'

I did not know anything else to do other than to give SHELTER in this cold storage or freezer to scared customers running down to the basement where I was working. After hearing the booming noise above and seeing the clients running down, I knew something bad was going to happen. I had to offer SHELTER at my own risk. The content of this eBook tells you a little bit about myself, my humble origins, and my philosophy on mutual aid and love on this earth. Disons ‘non’ ȧ l’antisémitisme, ȧ la terreur causée par les extremistes et les terroristes. Rien ne justifie les attaques ȧ caractère racial ou ethnique. Après tout, on est tous dans la même situation. Il nous faut utiliser l’aide mutuelle pour faire face ȧ notre crise actuelle.

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